Board of directors

Board of Directors for NAMI Douglas County WI

2022 Board of Directors:

Board Members

  • Christine Barnard
  • Bradley Jago
  • Chelsea Branley
  • Amy Starzecki
  • Angie Musolf
  • Crystal Durm
  • Jasmine Haroldson
  • Katy Johnson
  • Kelly Schoen
  • Cindy Michalski

Please consider joining us on the board – you can help shape the direction of our new NAMI affiliate and provide a great service to our community! For a board member description of duties, please click here. For an application to serve on the board, click here

Board members are dedicated and willing to commit to working with our board to bring education, support, advocacy, and stigma-busting to our community. A board member is often someone who:

  • is living with a mental illness and is in recovery; or
  • has a family member or friend with a mental illness; or
  • is concerned about helping others and has ideas on how to enhance mental health systems; or
  • someone who has connections in the mental health community; or
  • has good business connections, knows how to fundraise, or could be an asset to the board in another way.

If you have questions about serving on the board, please contact us at

Please feel free to contact us at if there is something you would like the board of directors to address.